The Community in Bloubergstrand Rewards the Services of an Ice Cream Vendor

This uplifting news comes to us from Cape Town, South Africa.

A 71-year-old man selling ice cream was the recent recipient of a pension fund created by a grateful Blouberg community.  George P. Peni from Khayelitsha in Cape Town captured the hearts of the residents in this seaside suburb. Through the years, he has been selling ice cream to the beachgoers and residents for over 4 decades.

Lovingly called Uncle George, he has become an icon in this community loved by kids and adults alike for his patience, warm heart, kind, and loving nature. He is out every day irrespective of the weather conditions, selling sweet savories to win hearts and supporting this family. People here can spot him often on his bike, doing what he does.

This elderly vendor also has a kind heart as he gives free desserts to kids without enough change to get the treat. The residents are too happy to recount such incidents as an Instagram user recently wrote. She says that Uncle George gave her two-year-old grandson a free ice-cream as she was not carrying money at the time. She paid him later but says that the gesture of this ice cream seller was priceless.

Uncle George believes that no child should be without an ice cream. This warmth and kindness of the man has touched the hearts of this grateful community. They wanted to do something for him now that he is getting on in years and business gets slower. He is struggling with financial difficulties and misses the chance to sell his products sometimes because of the travel costs.

Michelle Nel a Blouberg resident was especially impressed with the contentment and commitment shown by Uncle George. She wanted to help this elderly person and launched BackaBuddy crowdfunding campaign to raise a pension fund supporting George and his family long-term.

The campaign quickly reached over 23,000 SAR with support from 57 donors. Each person was happy to contribute remembering George through their interactions with him over 43 years. Michelle set up banking account to ease the life of this much-loved Ice Cream Man so that he can buy furniture and fix the home.

Image Source: CapeTownEtc

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