The Story of Nilon’s – India’s Leading Pickle Brand

The journey of this brand from the dining tables to becoming an iconic name recognized in over 30 countries worldwide is a fascinating story.

This inspiring news comes to use from Maharashtra, India.  Nilon’s is today an easily recognized pickle brand all-over the country but as with all the big things, this also has a humble beginning.

It started from the dining room

Imagine, the dining table at home doubling as the laboratory, to create something new and exciting loved and used by everyone. As Dipak Sanghavi, the current company CEO and managing director informs, this father and uncle started this business at the kitchen in their home in 1962, at a village in Jalgaon, Maharashtra.

The brothers sourced different types of produce, mixing, and matching them, and experimenting with ingredients to create the perfect product. They initially made squashes from various fruits like mango, pineapple, and mulberry followed by ketchup, jelly, jam, and more under Nilon’s, their brand name. The pickup for the business was slow at first with inadequate response from potential customers.

Things started to pick up speed only in 1966 once they introduced their range of homemade pickles. The makers applied for tenders from the Indian Government to supply to the military canteens. They chose four varieties namely lemon, mixed, mango, and chili. The rates offered were highly competitive since this was a small business then. They bagged to contracts successfully for the next years.

To meet the demands, they setup a manufacturing unit and started mass producing and by 1970, the pickle from the brand constituted 95% of the overall sales in the market. From then on, the company has remained upwardly mobile through the years and today it is a household name. Besides the pickle, their most popular product they also have the tutti-frutti papaya candy and food solutions like pasta masala, sauce, and Chinese mixes.  

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