Innovation Has No Bounds – Delhi Teens Invent Device That Lets You Charge Your Phone By Walking

This inspiring story comes to us from Delhi, India.

Four years ago, Anand Gangadharan and Mohak Bhalla, who were both Class X students, came up with the idea of the Walkie Mobi Charger. The Walkie Mobi mobile charger is a portable device that works seamlessly with the latest science. It features a fast-charging feature that lets you charge up in less than 20 minutes.

Anand and Mohak, who are both pursuing their BTech degrees from Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering, Delhi and VIT, talked about the invention behind this project and what it was like to work on it. The duo said that the idea came to them when they were reading about how electricity is being generated by the footsteps of passengers at railway stations. They decided to create a device that uses this energy.

They made their first charger only out of scrap material. The cost of making one unit was around Rs 2,000. They are planning on making it in bulk so that everyone can get it for around Rs 500 each which is considerably cheap considering the utility of the product.

Anand and Mohak are planning to make the latest version of the charger wireless. Though it’s not yet clear what the new feature will be, they’re planning on making it work as a power bank with a new advanced circuit that is supposed to charge a more powerful device much faster.

After their 10th grade, they took a break from their project. They are currently working on a more advanced version of their game, which will be released in the market eventually.

For 14 years, Mohak and his partner have been working together on their various projects, and despite their distance, they have still come up with some fascinating ideas. One of these is the use of carbon-dioxide as a fuel for electricity. Even though they are far away from each other, Mohak and Anand are still determined to finish what they started. They have other ideas that they can discuss in the future.

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