This delivery boy went ahead to deliver food to a customer who accidentally entered the wrong address

This amazing news comes to us from Malaysia.

A food delivery app namely Grab Food in Malaysia has a really kind delivery guy it seems. A heartwarming incident pertaining to food delivery service via this app happened to surface on Facebook and quickly caught people’s attention.

It so happened that a Grab food app customer ordered a meal on the app when he was actually home but he forgot to change his address from work to home. When it dawned upon him that he had made a mistake, it was too late as the delivery guy was already on his way to the customer’s workplace. He quickly called up the guy and told him about the accidental mess he had created.

He also went ahead to tell Azrul (the delivery guy) to have the food packet for himself and just let it be. Azrul however went on to go out of the way and deliver the food packet to the customer’s home address. The customer got so overwhelmed with Azrul’s gesture that he thanked him well and even gifted him 100 Malaysian ringgit as a token of thanks.

When Azrul left the place and halted at a petrol pump for refueling his vehicle, he happened to check the envelope that contained the money and he was surprised to see the big sum. He immediately ran back to the customer’s address and offered to return back the money because he felt it was too much. The customer insisted that Azrul should keep the money because he totally deserved it.

A moment of smile, joy, and happiness was celebrated between the customer and Azrul and the latter went on to get a picture clicked with the customer’s mom who was equally happy and delighted. When the picture was on the customer’s Facebook page, it quickly made the rounds and caught the attention of people.

Azrul was definitely praised for his gesture and humbleness. In today’s time, it really means a lot for any stranger to be so kind not just once but twice a day. The world absolutely needs more people like Azrul and also the customer who made it a point to thank Azrul well for his kind gesture.

Do you have any similar stories to share? Let us know in the comments below! It is always a great feeling to read about people spreading kindness.

Image Source: Hindustan Times

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