Japan Pom Pom: A cheer squad with members aged 55+ but with a heart as young as a sixteen-year-old

This amazing news comes to us from Japan.

With shiny and glittery short skirts and all the pomp and grandeur, this cheer squad is all about living life to the fullest.

When you think about a cheer squad all that strikes your mind is pretty girls in their teens or early twenties but what if we tell you that there’s a cheer squad in Japan where the members are all aged 60 and above. Yes, that’s true!

The ladies in this dance group are all young by their hearts and they dance to their heart’s content. You will not for once feel that they are elderly ladies performing in front of your eyes and of course, they don’t prefer being called senior citizens or even grannies.

The group leader Fumie Takino founded this lovely group some 25 years back when she was inspired to see a similar cheerleader group formed by elderlies overseas. She started on with 5 members and today they are a group of seventeen pretty ladies all living life to the fullest.

Takino who is 89 years old currently believes in living a life king size and she had been into active sports like scuba diving, sky diving, etc when she was around 50. She also gulps down a small beer bottle every night and thinks life is all about living it to the fullest. A grandma to three and great grandmom to three children, Takino is an inspiration for one and all.

All the other members in the group are equally jolly and free-spirited and many young people believe that even they cannot dance the way these ladies do.

A team member Tami Shimada says that Takino is an inspiration for them all and it is her who keeps telling them always, “If you’re interested in something, forget about your age, forget about people saying it’s no good for that reason … I think that leads to a reason to live.”

It is an absolute treat to watch these gorgeous women dance like no one’s watching them. Aren’t they doing a great job of spreading positivity all around the world? Don’t we have enough reasons to cry already? It is time we look up to these pretty women and learn all about living life happily. Do let us know your views about the same in the comment section below!

Image Source: iNews

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