365 Dates! Chennai’s Sunder Ramu Spreading Gender Equality

This uplifting news comes to us from Chennai, India.

Sunder Ramu, a resident of Chennai, is an actor and fashion photographer. His idea of dating 365 women is part of a larger plan – spreading gender equality!

Although looking for love, Ramu plans to utilize this opportunity to address different societal issues across the country. He is taking this initiative to spread women’s rights in the country and spread awareness about equality. Hailing from a forward-thinking family from Bangalore, Sunder moved to Chennai to pursue Visual Communication. It was here that he noticed the gender difference.

The Turning Point

The Delhi gang rape was the turning point for Ramu. He says, “If people stopped caring about people, they would never care about the climate and animals.”

He further points out that he faced several degrading statements and comments when he traveled abroad. For example, people often associated India as a country where people mistreat women, leading to the rise in rape incidents. Then he came up with the “365” idea and decided to meet women and talk about the same. In his words, “a change will only happen when you work on it every day, just like you eat and work daily.”

The Process

Sunder follows three simple rules when he is on a date: he will not reveal that the date is for a cause, the girl/woman will decide the date’s place and pay the bill. Ramu buys food for charities with the money he saved on the dates.

The Journey

He began the journey with his friends, after which he gained attention when the media covered the story. Sunder says that age, profession, caste, and economic levels are irrelevant for a date. “Anybody can date me,” he says.

Sunder dated actors, professionals, street vendors, nuns, and many more. He even approached women from Paris, Vietnam, France, U.S.A, Thailand, Spain, and Sri Lanka. Although he states that it was easy to approach a woman abroad, the best experiences were in India.

Currently, Sunder is planning a new project that involves auto/taxi drivers and the delivery boys. He believes it is a larger community of men and will help him add voice to the gender issues. Alternatively, he is filming an hour-long documentary and writing a book about his dates and the perspectives shared by the women. 

“I may not find an immediate solution, but the journey may inspire others and take over for a better future,” he concludes.

Image Source: Daily Mail

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