This lady helped two siblings and they surprised her with chocolates and a note

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It is rightly said that the value parents teach to their children definitely shows at some point in their lives. A picture was doing the rounds on twitter and it showed two chocolates and a thank you note presented to a lady who felt absolutely amazing on receiving them.

It actually so happened that this lady namely Dolly Sud helped two siblings (her neighbours’s children) by finding their lost football. Actually, their football got lost somewhere in the Sud’s garden a week before she found it and handed it back to the children.

The siblings were so happy on receiving back their lost football that they could not contain their emotion and they went on to surprise the lady by leaving two chocolates and a beautiful note outside her door. The note read, “Dear Miss Lady, thank you so much for helping us find our football in your garden last week. We needed it for an essential football match and if we couldn’t carry on playing, it would have been a catastrophe. Eternally grateful”

Sud being elated by the beautiful and amazing gestures of the kids, posted the picture of the gift and the note on twitter and she soon caught people’s attention. So many wonderful reactions by people started coming in and the post managed to get over 7 lakh likes too.

People are seen praising the parents of the siblings for brining them up with such good values and some of them even went on to say that they don’t believe such nice kids actually exist in today’s time.

Well, the incident truly reflects that if parents always teach their children the right mannerisms and values, the world would soon become so beautiful to live in.

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Image Source: News18

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