95 years and kicking, Nalini Mehta inspires artists all over the globe

This inspiring news comes to us from India.

Nalini Mehta might be swinging right in the middle of her nineties but that hasn’t stopped her from acing the art right as she did in her prime.  She is a national award winning artist who is now renowned for making the most amazing floral carvings out of acrylic. She has made more than 500 pieces and is always keen for some face to face conversation that could perhaps pop another inspiration or quirky idea in her mind.

She has been using acrylic for art since the times of World War II and it was considered as scrap that time. She has been trying her hand at sculpting, painting, batik and more. While she was a born artist, she was always inquisitive about finding new medium and ways to explore the true artistic touches.

She had even enrolled for Pratt institute for commercial art in New York City and this is where she actually understood how wide and deep the field of art is. She was inspired to do a whole lot more and explore varied mediums for the sake of bringing up with new art forms.

As she got popular for her art in the USA back in her prime, she was called to unfurl the Indian flag at Washington DC when India attained independence back in 1947.

Her life has been eventful so far and she is still looking to achieve a whole lot more. She believes in making the most of life and continues to have a rigorous schedule to ensure she can devote the right time for art.

She makes it a point to spend ample time because this acrylic based painting has really been creating a lot of buzz. It is these stories that inspire us to not give up thinking we are old because age surely is just another number.

Image Source: The Better India

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