Meet this engineer who quit his job to become a chaiwala

This amazing news comes to us from India

Hailing from a town namely Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh, India, Ankit Nagwanshi was busy performing his duty at a corporate office and was earning around 8 lakhs annually. His job as an engineer was going good but somehow he was hating the hectic 9 to 5 office routine and he wanted to brighten up his life which according to him was monotonous.

For 4 long years, Ankit was in search of cracking a plan to have his own food venture and finally in the year 2019 on August 15th he quit his job and set himself free from long commuting hours and landed back to his hometown from Mumbai.

After brainstorming and realising that a hotel business is difficult to set up without experience and financial help, he decided to start small and planned to set up a tea stall. He then proposed this idea to his relatives and sister but they obviously did not like his idea of becoming a ‘chaiwala’. His sister however decided to support him in his decision.

In the year 2020, he came up with his stall on August 14th but before that he spent time in thinking about ways to make his tea stall stand out amongst all others. He went on a tour and researched about the kind of tea that vendors are selling all around India. It was then that he decided to make it unique and he came up with a tea spice with a secret recipe. It definitely turned out to be a hit as people started loving the tea sold in his stall that he named ‘Engineer Chaiwala’. The name itself attracts people towards his stall.

Ankit had begun with masala tea, immunity tea and also South Indian filter coffee. He eventually introduced poha to his menu and now he is also planning to include more items in snacks. His stall welcomes around 400 customers per day and he is making close to INR2000 of profits per day.

Ankit wishes to open a hotel of his own one day and he believes that this tea stall is just the beginning and he is sure to go forward in life. His sister who is currently pursuing MBA is all set to help Ankit in growing his business once she is done with her degree.

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