10-year-old boy’s heartwarming gesture wins the internet

This amazing news comes to us from Canada

The kind of grooming that parents give to their children tend to show to as and when they gradually grow up. A heartwarming incident between 2 children in a Canadian school won the hearts of people and netizens are feeling so proud of the little guy.

It so happened that a 10 year old boy noticed a new student in the recess hours. The boy being new in the school had no friends and was sitting all alone while having lunch and this guy who is being praised on twitter decided to brighten up his day by not leaving him alone.

He asked one of his friends to accompany him and decided to join the new student for the lunch time. This gesture touched the heart of the new student and he wrote a letter to the boy which read, “Sitting with me outside felt better than anything…thank you so much”. He also further asked the boy if he could join them for lunch everyday.

The boy’s father Ravi Kahlon who is a lawmaker by profession in British Columbia felt so proud of his son’s action that he went on to describe the incident on twitter and people went crazy. Kahlon went on to upload the hand written letter by the new student and he narrated what his son had done.

Netizens praised Kahlon’s son and they opined that it was his upbringing that made his son a gem he is today. Many twitteratis also went on to describe their first day at school and how being a new kid felt. There were also users who described gestures of kindness that they had faced in school while being a new kid sometime in life.

Well, it didn’t cost anything to Kahlon’s son but it was a big thing for the new student to have friends for lunch. Parents are therefore always advised to teach the right values and mannerisms to kids because they tend to learn things quickly. It is these kids who are our future and if they inherit such great values imagine how beautiful the world would become.

The little boy deserves respect, applause and much love from one and all. Being considerate and kind is an easy thing to do but people don’t give it a thought these days. If you have any personal experience of this kind, do share it with us in the comments below.

Image Source: Indian Express

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