This emotional reunion of a daughter and mother melted the hearts of netizens

This wonderful news comes to us from Australia.

The pandemic and lengthy lockdown periods have forced people to stay away from their loved ones for a really long period and there have been many heart warming stories of reunions that have moved netizens to tears. One such emotional reunion of a mom and daughter surfaced online and it melted the hearts of people.

Hailing from Australia, Tay Rae shared a beautiful moment on her instagram profile wherein she can be seen hugging her mother after one and a half years. The moment is so emotional and full of love, that it left people teary eyed.

Apart from posting the emotional video, Tay also wrote a caption stating how she was forced to stay away from her loving mom and why she could not pay her a visit due to the lockdowns imposed in Australia. She also went on to state that her stepdad helped her to reunite with her mom finally. It was her stepdad who told her that her mom’s location has turned to a green zone from a red zone and she could finally travel and hug her mom in real.

Tay stated, “My original trip here was cancelled due to Brisbane being a red zone, but on Saturday my step dad called and said ‘it’s gone to green, let’s re-organise the flights and surprise your mum for her birthday.”

Rae’s mother burst into tears and hugged her tight. She initially couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw her daughter approaching towards her. The video received much love from people all around the world and has been viewed more than 14000 times. People poured in lovely comments for the mother daughter duo praising their ever lasting bond and the love that is evident in the video.

The relation between a mother and child is always beautiful but we don’t get to see such emotions on the web everyday. The video is really very beautiful to watch and it is an alarm for all those children who have not visited their parents since years. It is time to be the reason of your parent’s smile and do something to brighten up their days.

Image Source: Hindustan Times

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