7-Year-Old Odisha Boy Clears Microsoft Technology Associate Examination

This good news comes to us from Odisha, India.

Children are the biggest gift of God and when they create wonders, they become all more special. One such wonder child is a 7-year-old kid, Venkat Raman Patnaik from Balangir, who has cleared the Microsoft Technology Associate Examination, an entry-level credential that validates fundamental technology skills and knowledge among students and also job-seekers who are pursuing a career in technology. The test is assigned to assess and validate core technical concepts in three primary areas, namely; Developer, Database, and IT Professional.

To achieve this feat is a big deal for an adult and when it comes to a 7-year-old kid, it becomes a wonder. Raman is a student of Class 3 and is home-schooled from the very famous WhiteHat Jr. He cleared the MTA examination for introduction to programming in Java, Javascript, Python, HTML, CSS, and database administration fundamentals. Raman joined WhiteHat Jr in March 2019 and has attended around 160 classes.

Jatinder Kaur, Raman’s teacher praised Raman’s intelligence and said, “Venkat joined classes at WhiteHat Jr in March 19 and attended around 160 classes. He picked up the essence of coding from the day one. His achievement is rare indeed.”

WhiteHat Jr introduces and prepares kids from 6-18 years of age for the new coding world. It makes kids creators in the new world with the first structured coding curriculum in the world for early childhood. Kids learn logic, structure, sequence, and algorithmic thinking to generate creative outcomes like animations and apps. All classes are taught live 1:1 online in the comfort of the home by the top 1% selected teachers and subject matter experts. This story of Raman not only inspires the kids but also young generations to achieve big feats in life at a very small age. It is good to hear such amazing news and wish more wonder kids to come up and create more wonders.

Image Source: India Today

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