This artist sculpted the Hogwarts Castle out of sand and left netizens crazy

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A visual treat for all the Harry Potter fans out there, a sand artist by the name Leonardo Ugolini sculpted the entire Hogwarts Castle out of sand and you won’t believe your eyes when you actually see the video yourself.

Featuring his art on his Instagram handle, this artist has several such videos wherein he makes sculptures, bridges etc out of sand and it is amazing to see him create magic effortlessly.

Ugolini initially made use of a bucket to make the sand tower stand and then as the video progresses, he uses a wand to magically make the rest of the elements of the castle appear in his video. To add a fun element to the video, he also uses special effects to show a miniature version of himself flying around the castle on a broomstick. The video caught the attention of people and it received around 23k views by people on Instagram.

Ugolini’s account has many such other videos that are a treat to the eyes. You will love seeing how he uses simplest of tools to create magnificent sand structures. Hailing from Forli, Itlay, Ugolini has been sculpting since 1997.

The Hogwarts Castle video revived much love from people all around the world and Ugolini received comments like, “You are an amazing”, “I love this!”, “Brilliant” etc. One will be amazed to see the kind of sculptures that this artist makes out of sand and simple carving tools and the way he makes everything so effortlessly is something that will impress you the most.

Watch out for his account and take a look at the magnificent sand art videos. Do let us know which one did you like the most!

Image Source: The video features Ugolini wearing a TikTok shirt and using a bucket and shovel to make the towers of Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft. (Credit: leonardo_ugolini_artist)

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