53-Year-Old Plumber Helps 10,000 Vulnerable Families By Providing Free Service

This amazing news comes to us from the UK.

The covid-19 pandemic has made the lives of people tough and unexpected. Some have lost their jobs while some have lost their loved ones. Amid such a critical situation, a plumber with a kind heart has come forward to help vulnerable families with the quality he is skilled in. He helps disabled and elderly people by providing them with the service of fixing any heating or plumbing issues.

It was back in 2017 when James Anderson was called to a home for a second opinion. He caught a heating company who had attempted to con an elderly and disabled man. This incident hit him hard and he was disheartened by the acts of such companies. So, he decided to take an initiative, Depher which meant ‘Disabled and Elderly Plumbing and Heating Emergency Response’. Since then he has helped more than 10,000 families. He helped the elderly and disabled people with their plumbing and heating issues whatever the cost may. But it was during the pandemic that he also started providing food parcels, PPE, and even paid bills for people.

Anderson is a father of six children and spent around $77,000 during the pandemic but he also remarked that it was worth every penny and was happy if this kept people alive and warm. He said, “If you’ve got disabilities, issues, sometimes these things can become too difficult to overcome and we want to make sure they’re taken care of.” He further added, “We’ve all got a social responsibility to each other- we need to be there for each other.”

At present, Anderson works with plumbers based in different parts of Scotland and hopes to eventually cover the whole of the UK. He also accepts donations for this cause and is overwhelmed by the reaction from people donating their bit. He along with a local team of three volunteers took 93 jobs for free between Christmas day and New Year. He said, “I work seven days a week, 70 hours a week. I haven’t taken a single day off. I’ll have enough rest when I’m dead.”

This gesture of kindness and loyalty shown by Anderson has melted the hearts of many people and they have come forward to donate whatever they can. We must always follow a simple rule in life that helping each other is very important. It can help maintain kindness in us.

Image Source: Daily Mail

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