Vice Principal’s Plea To Tooth Fairy After Student Loses Tooth At School

This amazing news comes to us from Canada.

Teachers play a very vital role in everyone’s life. They deserve special honour and respect as they build a path to fulfil their students’ dreams and ambitions. One such teacher who has won millions of hearts through her heart-warming letter to the Tooth Fairy on behalf of her student who lost his tooth at school and was unable to find it despite the heroic efforts of a fearless search team is a brilliant example of a true mentor. The letter has gone viral on social media and the vice-principal is being praised for her gesture of kindness.

Shandee Whitehead, vice-principal of the Hart Highlands Elementary School in the British Colombia province, wrote a letter that read, “As a trained vice-principal and hobby dentist, I can verify that there is definitely a gap in Gavin’s teeth that was not there this morning when he came in.” She further appealed to the Tooth Fairy to provide the standard monetary exchange rate that is normally used by her for a real tooth. She further added that the tooth fairy is free to contact her at the school if she has any queries or concerns.

In the postscript, Whitehead further said that she is yet to receive money in exchange for her wisdom teeth from 2000. She said, “Please pay as soon as possible, I have bills to pay.” People who came across her letter on Twitter praised Whitehead for her kindness and love for her student. Many said that she was a brilliant teacher while many gave her the tag of a true mom who cared for all her kids. She also became a role model for many while some said her to be a wonderful person with a golden heart.

It is really appreciating that teachers like Whitehead stand with her student even in small situations and problems.

Image Source: Twitter

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