Bakery In Germany Makes Syringe-Shaped Cakes

This wonderful news comes to us from Germany

Everyone is afraid of the Coronavirus pandemic that has ended the lives of around 2 million people and devastated the global economy. Many are still suffering from this disease and many have recovered. But the people who have recovered have been diagnosed with other health issues that are solely due to this pandemic. So, everyone is hoping to get them vaccinated as soon as the vaccine against this pandemic is prepared.

One such country is Germany where a bakery named Schuerner’s Baking Paradise has celebrated this year as the vaccination year by baking syringe-shaped cakes. But it was not the first time that this bakery had sold coronavirus spin-offs. Last year when the household essentials vanished from the supermarkets, this bakery had created cakes shaped like newly-scarce toilet-rolls. The owner of the bakery, Tim Kortuem was worried that baking a syringe-shaped cake would be a step too far. While vaccine preparation is under progress throughout the world, public health officials fret that nervousness about new medicines will slow the uptake of vaccines that are prepared to end the pandemic.

Tom said, “First we were a bit sceptical whether it would be a bit too macabre. But then we did it after all. Because even for anti-vaxxers it’s funny. It is a vaccine without any side effects. And you can come back and get another one because it is so yummy.”

This cake has been flavoured with marzipan and has not been proven to be used as a protection against the coronavirus. Indeed, it may just do the opposite as it might lead to excess weight and serious cases of the disease.

But, as well all know that cakes are not consumed for health reasons. So, continue having sweets as it might cheer up your mood during this difficult situation.

Image Source: Indian Express

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