Cheer Leaders From Japan Lift Spirits Of People During The Pandemic

This amazing news comes to us from Japan.

Covid-19 has put the entire world in a stressful situation. People have lost their jobs and are forced to move to some other place in search of work. They are struggling hard to earn a living. During this pandemic, cheerleaders from Japan are trying to lift the spirits of people through dancing and cheering outside a Tokyo rail station on Thursday as Japan is planning to impose a one-month state of emergency for the greater Tokyo area beginning Friday to contain a record surge in coronavirus infections. “Let’s go, fight!” are the encouraging words uttered by the four-person squad to the passers-by in front of Shimbashi Station. They waved their gold pom poms with their protective shields on their faces.

The head cheerleader, Kumi Asazuma said that the group had been performing for more than 10 years to cheer up the morning commuters but their mission gained a new meaning during this pandemic. She said, “Especially now, the spread of the coronavirus isn’t stopping, people have lost their jobs… I think this is a period where people are really suffering a lot.” She further added, “We want to deliver a smile to cheer people up. We’re doing this hoping that people can feel even a bit better.” This group generally performs in Tokyo on Thursdays and in neighbouring Kanagawa prefecture on Fridays. The number of performers depends totally on the availability of members as everyone has their job.

The group performance was watched by a dozen of people some of whom stopped to take photos and videos on their phones while some watched as they moved out from the station towards their offices. An office worker, Tomoko Tsudanuma, 48, said, “I think it’s wonderful what they’re doing in the current situation.”

This initiative by the cheerleaders is praise-worthy and we salute their gesture of love and affection during such a pandemic situation.

Image Source: Asia One

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