Meet The Italian Man Who Did Not Visit The Grocery Store In 8 Months

This wonderful news comes to us from London.

When we hear the words fruits, vegetables, and so on, the first thing that strikes us is a grocery store or a supermarket. But this isn’t true for an Italian man, Alessandro Vitale, a 29-year-old tattoo artist who has got the inspiration of gardening from his grandfather. He moved to London six years ago and has grown so many vegetables during the lockdown that it was not required for him to visit the grocery store in 8 months.

Alessandro has grown chilli peppers and mint on his windowsill for years. So, he was very excited when he moved into an apartment with a shared garden last year. Soon after being set, he started to transform half the patio area into a growing haven where he created a wall trellis for herbs out of recycled water bottles and installed planters and a greenhouse. In his first harvest, he managed to produce about 30 different kinds of vegetables that included cabbage, carrots, garlic, fennel, leeks, cauliflower, and broccoli. He also dined out about 35kg of tomatoes from just 6 plants and picked 10kg of 17 different types of chilli.

Alessandro is frugal and environmental as the crops he grows are 100% organic as he uses foraged wild nettle from a park for pest control and makes fertilizer from aloe vera grown at home. He uses his grandmother’s secret recipes to make various delicious pasta sauces. He said, “When I was a kid I used to help my grandpa out in the garden. I remember he would import chilli seeds from all over the world and he would have tonnes of plants.” He further added, “I couldn’t even go near when they were being harvested as I would have tears coming down my face.”

Alessandro works full-time 45 hours a week but he spends a couple of hours in the garden after he is back home. He said, “My favourite thing to make with is jam and sauces from the chillis.” His craving for gardening has grown so much that he has started his own YouTube channel where he shares urban gardening tips and encourages others to create urban garden spaces. This idea of creating a small garden space in the terrace or a part of the backyard can help clean the environment which will further provide the people with clean air to breathe. Let us get together to make the environment greener and cleaner.

Image Source: Hull Daily Mail

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