2.5-Year-Old Kid Gifts Life To Five After Death

This wonderful news comes to us from Gujarat, India.

This heart touching news creates a sense of sorrow on one side and happiness on the other. A 2.5-year-old boy, Jash Oza fell from his neighbour’s balcony on December 9 which is located in Shanti Palace of Bhatar area in Gujarat. He suffered brain haemorrhage and swelling and was declared brain dead by the doctors on December 14.

Nilesh Mandlewala, founder of Donate Life, a voluntary organization working to encourage organ donation said that Jash’s heart, liver, lungs, both kidneys, and eyes were donated after his parents Sanjeev Oza, a journalist with a local business newspaper and Archana agreed for the noble cause. He said, “The family was shattered after doctors told them that their little one was brain dead. Sanjeev has also been creating awareness about cadaver donations and in such a difficult situation, he took a decision of organ donation. Jash was fondly called as ‘Babu’ in his family.

Jash’s heart and lungs were transported to Chennai. His heart was transplanted into a four-year-old from Russia and his lungs were transplanted into a four-year-old from Ukraine in MGM hospital in Chennai. Jash’s mother was hopeful about her son’s recovery after he uttered the word ‘mummy’ but she was carefully explained that Jash was medically dead and his vital organs would not be useful if they wait for too long. She agreed as she wanted to see her son alive in many more people.

State Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (SOTTO)’s convener, Dr. Pranjal Modi was then informed for further process. Jash’s kidneys were transported by road to Ahmedabad, one of which was transplanted into a 13-year-old girl from Surendranagar and the other kidney was transplanted into a 17-year-old girl from Surat. His liver was transplanted into a 2-year-old girl who got a new life with his liver.

This news not only brings tears to eyes but also creates a feeling of respect for the kids’ parents who took the right yet difficult decision in such a situation. As parents to a little kid, isn’t this a really big thing to do? Well, we hope that the family recovers soon from the grief of the loss of the child.

Image Source: KalingaTV

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