Ramu Dosapati Opens Rice ATM For People In Need

This good news comes to us from India.

The Covid-19 pandemic has imposed various restrictions that have left many migrant workers in Hyderabad strand out without any means of support. So, to help these workers with food and other essential items, Ramu Dosapati, a corporate HR executive, has come forward to provide them with these essential supplies.

To executive his idea, Ramu opened a ‘Rice ATM’ and spent around 50 lakh rupees to ease the burden of the migrant workers. This ATM provides rice and other necessities 24 hours a day, seven days a week to the needy people. This idea of helping workers with food came up in his mind when he went to a store to pick up the makings for his son’s birthday. At the shop, he noticed a woman buying chicken in large quantities worth around INR 2,500. Ramu could not resist himself asking the woman the purpose of buying so much poultry.

Ramu was astonished to know that the lady was a security guard at a camp for migrant workers and was buying the poultry as a token of a special treat for them. Her salary was just 6,000 rupees which made Ramu think over this matter. He accompanied the security guard to the camp and made a list of about 200 people who needed help. He knew that he would require a huge investment so he cashed his retirement fund and opened the ‘Rice ATM’ cum food pantry.

Ramu had been working to move his family into a larger home and for this purpose he sold a parcel of ancestral land to secure funding. At that time, another group of migrant workers had arrived in Hyderabad who needed assistance. So, he gave up his dream and decided to help them. He said, “That’s when my wife supported me and asked me to go ahead and carry on with the initiative.” At present, Ramu has got support from many outside sources and hopes to continue this initiative for a long time.

Kindness and generosity are the real words for Ramu Dosapati who gave up his dreams to fulfil the basic requirements of the migrant workers. We wish he carries on with his initiative for long. With gems like these, any nation is apt to be called a blessed one. If a single person can do so much for people, imagine what would the scene be if we get several Rams Dosapatis.

Image Source: Business Today

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