Tamil Nadu Bakery Makes A Life-Sized Cake For Paying Tribute To Diego Maradona

This wonderful news comes to us from Tamil Nadu.

People with great name and fame leave their notable works and achievements behind because of which they are admired and remembered even after their death. Everyone attempts to show their love towards these legends and express it through their art and skills. The football legend, Diego Maradona passed away recently on November 25 after suffering a heart attack at his residence in Buenos Aires. However, people still admire him and remember him in their way. A Ramanathapuram-based bakery made a giant cake of this football legend as a tribute to the late footballer, pictures of which are now going viral on social media.

As per the news agency, the cake is six-feet tall and made with various ingredients which also included 60 kilograms of sugar and 270 eggs. It took four days to make the cake. An employee of the bakery, Satishranganathan said that the statue was made to pay tribute to the late footballer and to request young generation people to participate in physical activities.

The creation was praised by many people while some claimed that the statue had no similarity with Maradona’s looks. The social media was flooded with comments like, “Looks like Sashi Tharoor without makeup”, “It’s just for publicity and advertising”, I don’t get why people spend money on things they won’t get any return”, and many more. These comments are heart breaking as the statue was an homage to the late footballer and was made with love and care. This bakery had attempted to make such life-sized cakes in the past that looked like former president APJ Abdul Kalam and musician Ilayaraja. We hope to see such love, affection, and tributes in the future and also get to see all the people with positive reactions towards their hard work.

Image Source: Republic World

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