Lebanon Artist Handcrafted Dolls For Children Affected By Beirut Blast

This amazing story comes to us from Lebanon.

A massive explosion blast on August 4 in the port of Beirut affected the lives of many people. On one hand, thousands of people were injured and on the other hand, 200 people died. Since then several hands for serving the victims came to the front. Among them, a Lebanon artist, Yolande Labaki served the children by handcrafting special dolls as they lost their toys in the explosion. It was just the next day of the blast when she decided to cheer up the kids in some or the other way. So, she had the idea of making dolls and making them happier. The explosion was felt at least 150 miles from its point of origin disrupting the lives of about 3,00,000 people. Labaki started making the dolls for Achrafieh 2020, a Lebanese NGO that is providing support and help to the victims of the explosion.

Akram Nehme, a Facebook user, said, “There have been a loss of life, loss of material, but also loss perceived by children who saw their toys go in smoke as the end of their world. Yolande Labaki has embraced the magnificent task of handcrafting dolls of her creation to give them to 100 Achrafieh girls who lost theirs.” He further added, “Every morning, since August 5, Yolande Labaki gets up early and gets to work. She’s at her seventy-eighth doll. Each of them will bear the name of the girl who will receive it. A titanic work done with love and empathy as only artists with a big heart like her is able to do it.”

This initiative taken by Labaki was flooded with positive reactions and praises on social media. Everyone appreciated her for her wonderful step towards filling happiness and joy in the hearts of children affected by the blast. We hope to hear such news of kindness and generosity in the future and wish to become a part of it in any way possible.

Image Source: The 961

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