Man Dressed Up As Santa Claus To Spread Christmas Cheer

This amazing news comes to us from Israel.

Amidst this global pandemic situation, a man dresses up as Santa Claus and takes a dip in the giant salt lake which is also famous as the Dead Sea in Israel. This was a campaign held by Israel’s Tourism Ministry to bring some happiness ahead of the Christmas season. As the pandemic has kept the Christian pilgrims away from the Holy Land, a jolly man named, Issa Kassissieh came to the Dead Sea dressed in red with a white beard and stuck a Christmas tree in the ground and went for a swim.

He placed himself on a paddleboard and rode offshore to a few hundred meters to a spot where the salt piled up in the shape of a mushroom and stood in the middle of the deep lake. He stuck a decorated Christmas tree in the bottom and gave a pose for the cameras. He then enjoyed an effortless float in the famous saline-rich waters of the Dead Sea.

The surroundings of the Sea are abundant with remains of ancient Christian communities and are, therefore, regarded as the root to Christianity. However, the water of the Dead Sea would not allow the tree to survive which compelled the Santa Claus to take it back with him on return to the shore. This jolly man moved ahead during this pandemic only to spread cheer and happiness in this critical time. He on behalf of the people of Israel took an initiative to bring happiness and joy in the hearts of the citizens.

This incident shows that humanity is still alive and everyone must fight this pandemic with smiles on their faces. Since Christmas is celebrated as the birth ceremony of Lord Jesus Christ, one must always have faith on him and pray that everything comes in place as soon as possible.

Image Source: Indian Express

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