Malaysian Pilot Runs A Noodle Business In Kuala Lampur

This good news comes to us from Malaysia.

A former Malaysian pilot, Azrin Mohamad Zawawi moves to work dressed in a white uniform with a black hat of a captain. This time his work place was not the airport but the small noodle stall that he runs in a sub-urban area just outside the capital. He worked in the air force for about 2 decades and now has lost his job due to the global Corona virus. Malindo Air, the most recent employer of Azrin was forced to shut down its workforce this month due to the breakout of the pandemic. This pandemic made huge number of people unemployed and deprived them of their regular income. Many are stressed with the pressure of managing the expenses to run a family and Azrin is one such example.

Azrin is the father of four children who was finding it difficult to run the family without any income. So, he decided to run a food business that sells Malaysian dishes which includes a curry noodle dish made from a family recipe, laksa, and a mixed fruit dish called rojak. Azrin said, “I need some income because I was retrenched by my previous company.”

Unexpectedly, his business got a huge positive response and a photograph of Azrin wearing the uniform with a red apron was posted on social media by his wife that went viral. The customers were attracted by the unique appearance of Azrin and named the stall as ‘Kapten Corner’ which literally meant ‘Captain’s Corner’.

A customer named Azman Yunus said, “The main thing is the food must be good…I’ve eaten here twice. The first time I brought my wife and now I bring my friends.” Azrin was also praised by another customer, Syed for the unique way of running the food business. Syed Khadzil exclaimed, “The way he does business is also something unique- being creative with his uniform. It’s a crowd-puller.” Azrin hopes that his experience becomes an inspiration for others affected by the pandemic to try new ways to make a living. He further said, “Embrace the challenge and never give up…It’s like flying the aircraft, we always move forward.” These inspiring words by Azrin can make people feel light and distressed as he spreads the message that one should not lose hope and move forward in life. We hope to hear such inspiring news in the future too!

Image Source: Gulf News

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