Girl Gives A High Five When Priest Raises His Hand For Blessing Her

This amazing news comes to us from Spain.

A priest was left spell bound when he raised his hand to bless a little girl in reply to which she gave him a high five. This innocent gesture of the girl went viral on social media and became a reason of smile for millions of people. People who have already watched the video or are in queue are left with high chances of smiles and laughter.

This little girl came to the church with her mother in a fancy white frock with flowers in her hair and mask on her face. She stood in front of the priest who after completing his prayer raised his hand to bless the girl. To his surprise and amusement, she put up her own hand and gave him a high-five. This hilarious video shows that the priest tried to control his laughter by hiding his mouth while the girl’s mother shook her head in disbelief.

There were innumerable comments regarding this video and everyone was amused to see the innocence of the child. This video also brought into notice that the priest was not wearing a mask which is a compulsion in today’s pandemic situation. The little girl’s gesture moved the netizens and many were filled with joy seeing such an innocent view. Many people related this incident with one of those they have gone through. Many have blessed the child with love and called her adorable for such a beautiful gesture. It is the innocence and love that has attracted everyone’s attention in this video. Children are messengers of God and they cannot be wrong anywhere. We hope to see such innocent gestures in the future and may God bless all the children with lots of love and affection and maintain their innocence throughout the lifetime.

Image source: Daily Mail

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