20 Live Worms Removed From Man’s Eye By Doctors In China

This amazing news comes to us from China.

Nobody knows what’s there in the future. Nobody thinks negatively when it comes to a strange sensation or pain in any body parts. Every person hopes to get well with proper medication and treatment but this is not the case every time. One such strange incident happened with 60-year-old Wan who experienced something strange in his eye a couple of months ago. It started with just an irritation in the right eye which was thought to be a reason of tiredness. However, when the irritation turned into pain it became a matter of great concern for Wan. He immediately visited to a local hospital in the city of Suzhou where he was told to get admitted for a thorough examination.

On investigating, the doctors found out that there were about 20 live worms under the right eyelid of Wan. After getting examined, he was treated and a cluster of live worms were removed from his eyes. The worms were identified as nematodes which are common parasites in the conjunctival sac and tear ducts of animals such as dogs, cats, and others.

Dr Xi Ting, who conducted Wan’s medical procedure, said that the larvae take around 2-3 weeks to develop into worms. However, Wan told the doctors that he did not keep any pets and admitted that he went out for workouts and came in contact with animals. The news really shocked us as no one can ever think that such cases can happen too. Many people are pet lovers and they like to move around with their pets. Pets are really special in many people’s lives but, no one can think that even this can be harmful. However, this is a matter of luck that one comes across with in different situations of life.

Image Source: Daily Mail

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