Doctors Perform Ballet Dancing For A Five-Year-Old Battling Cancer

This amazing news comes to us from England.

The whole world is fighting against Covid-19 and the doctors and nurses are performing their task like a warrior in this fight. They are spending their time serving people suffering from this pandemic. During this pandemic, people who have other severe illnesses are also suffering a lot. This hard time has made us realise the importance of doctors in our lives and how they serve the people without any selfishness as they have risked their own lives saving the lives of others.

Izzy, a five-year-old girl who has acute lymphoblastic leukaemia is being treated for the second time after the cancer relapsed earlier this year. She loves ballet and likes to read ballet stories. She has been admitted in Worcester Royal Hospital in England and the staff of the hospital came into the knowledge of Izzy being a ballet-lover. So, two doctors namely, Dr. Baylon Kamalarajan and Emma Maunder dressed themselves in colourful tutus and tip-toed into Izzy’s room for their surprise dance performance.

The Worcester Royal Hospital wrote on twitter, “When Ballet-mad Izzy came into our Children’s clinic for her cancer treatment on Friday, two of the team surprised her with a very special routine.”

Izzy’s mother, Vicky Fletcher, told BBC, “She’s been through a really tough time the last few months, and it’s something [the doctors] wanted to do for a while, but she’s been so poorly, so it was a nice special treat for her.” It is really disheartening to know that such a small child has gone through so harsh times in such an early age. She is a real fighter as leukaemia is a dangerous illness. We wish God to put an end to such illnesses and pandemics and make the world a place to live with peace again!

Image Source: Metro

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