Kerala Woman Blessed With A New Life After An Open-Heart Surgery

This good news comes to us from Kerala, India.

Fausia, a 28 year old Kerala woman has been gifted a new life after a risky open-heart surgery. It was the second time in the period of four years that she underwent this surgery for replacing two heart valves. Fausia developed a critical continuous fever after six months of the first operation. It was diagnosed that she had endocarditis of artificial valves which was considered to be the most severe condition and she even stopped responding to the medicines and antibiotics.

The situation was worsening as her heart and health started deteriorating rapidly and soon she had acute breathing problems and body emaciation. Her condition became the worst when she was diagnosed with pneumonia and water accumulation in the lungs which complicated her condition more. She was rushed to many hospitals but no one agreed to perform her surgery. Later, her case was handed over to Dr. M K Moosa Kunhi, the associate consultant cardiac surgeon at Aster Medcity, a private hospital at Kochi. He conducted the surgery with his team of qualified doctors and was successful in the same.

After studying her condition, Dr. Kunhi immediately called for an open-heart surgery but the greatest risk was the chances of excessive bleeding during operation. Fortune favoured her and she was able to tolerate the surgery. Dr. Kunhi said that it took around 11 hours to accomplish the operation. He exclaimed, “We replaced her two heart valves for the second time and repaired the third one. It was very challenging to perform open-heart surgery when the patient had developed endocarditis, sever emaciation, pneumonia and gasping for breath.”

Dr. Kunhi explained that Fausia was suffering from hypothermic circulatory arrest, a highly complex technique of suspended animation which required removal of infected blood clots from the superior vena cava (SVC), the largest vein in the human body. For about a week she was kept under observation in the ICU subsequent to which she recovered and was discharged from the hospital as her reports were perfectly well in the follow-up tests. It was the dedication, determination and team work of the entire anaesthesia doctors and all staff which made the surgery a successful one. We hope that the health of Fausia remains stable and also must be thankful to all the doctors and staff who helped her come out from such a critical condition and get a new life.

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