This newborn baby pulled out the doctor’s mask and people have gone crazy

This wonderful news comes to us from Dubai.

2020 has been a year of roller coaster for one and all and the world is continuously hoping to see a ray of hope in the form of vaccines and medicines for coronavirus. Amidst all this, a newborn baby entered this world and cheered people up with something amusing and strange.

Samer Cheaib, a doctor in Dubai shared a photo on Facebook with a caption that filled people with hope and netizens went crazy. It so happened that Dr. Cheaib held the baby in his arms when the later came into the world and the baby went on to pull off the doctor’s surgical mask. The wonderful moment was captured on the camera and the doctor posted it on Facebook with the caption, “We all want sign are we going to take off the mask soon”

Well, we don’t know if this is actually God’s signal for us but netizens went crazy seeing the picture and people showered the baby with love. Several people are also considering it a positive sign and hoping that we will soon see good days ahead.

Wearing face masks has been made compulsory in many nations and use of sanitizers is pretty common these days. The Covid-19 scenario is not improving drastically but it is little incidents like this one that is giving people some courage to face the adversities brought in by the pandemic.

With people making speculations about Covid-19 being eradicated soon, we hope there is some good news because it has been ages that people have gathered socially without any fear in their heart. As far as the baby is concerned, he/she is surely a lucky child because who goes viral instantly after taking birth.

Image Source: DNA India

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