Battle with Epilepsy Came to an End Without Any Medicines or Bed Rest

This inspiring news comes to us from Bangalore, India

Bylahalli Raghunath Janardhan, a retired railway employee, was diagnosed with Major Epilepsy in 1995 after 4 years of his retirement. He was advised by the doctors to take medicines accompanied by bed rest for lifetime. But, this 62 year old man refused to rely on meds and did not accept the advice of depending on someone else for the rest of his life. His family forced him to follow as the doctors say and he accepted the proposal under pressure. He started taking medicines and stayed at home the whole day. This made him feel tired and inactive. His health was constantly deteriorating instead of improving. So, one day he decided to wake up early and go for a morning walk which changed his life completely.

Raghunath Janardhan continued his morning walks. One day he decided to attend his son’s cultural event for which he cycled for around 70km. This itself was a miracle because Raghunath was the same person whom doctors had advised for bed rest for lifetime. His cycling continued with increasing distances and difficulties but he never gave up.

Another turning point came to his life when he participated for stair racing and climbed 1600 stairs in just 22 minutes covering a vertical distance of 280 meters. This was just the beginning. At the age of 68 he became victorious in trekking Mt. Kailash in the year 2008. Later on he trekked the Himalayas, the Western Ghats and many more.

The secret to his victories was his inner strength and strong mind. His changed lifestyle was another important reason for his victory which included light foods and routine diet. He exposed himself to continuous sunlight which boosted his strength. He also participated in many marathons, cyclathons and other events which also added to his strong will.

Raghunath Janardhan is a man with golden heart. He donated all the prize money he received on his participation in different events for charitable purposes. This man with strong determination was awarded the Kempegowda Award by the Karnataka Government. The Jayanagar Post Office has also released stamps with his image imprinted to give him special honours.

He now wants to participate in the Cyclathon Event and 24-hour Stadium Endurance Run conducted by NEB Sports at Bangalore. This man with great courage must be given a huge round of applause for his remarkable strength and unbreakable confidence. He has proved that age and medical conditions doesn’t matter but a strong mind and incredible strength does.

Image Source: Sports Wallah

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