A Beggar Turns Out To Be A Mother To The Orphans

This good news comes to us from Maharashtra, India.

Sindhutai sapkal was honored by the Nari Shakti Puraskar Award when she became a mother to the orphans at the age of 70. Born on 14th November, 1948 in Maharashtra, she led a very tough life since her childhood days. She went to school against her mom’s will and continued her study till 4th grade only because of her father. At the age of 10, she got married and had two sons and a beautiful daughter by the age of 30. One day she was thrown out of the house by her husband.

It was the time when she raised a child and later on decided to open orphanages where she raised about 1300 young children. Through this act she explained that existence is what we make out of it. She went through very difficult times. A boy named Deepak was the first home-less child who was adopted by Sindhutai. As time went by, she adopted another 16 children and became a beggar to feed these young ones. She distributed food and clothes to the needy children after begging on the streets.

Over a time of 42 long years, she educated around 1,200 children and proved that nothing is impossible and set an example of humanity. She herself went through very tough situations in life and so she very well understood the pain one suffers from negligence. This made her determined to devote her entire life towards taking care of struggling poor children and raising them to good human beings.

She is popularly known as “The Mother of Orphans” who is still serving the society by continuing her journey even at the age of 71. She decided to open her first ashram in Chikhaldara. With the support of an NGO, she registered the ashram, Savitribai Phule Girl’s Hostel under the Vanvasi Gopalkrishna Shikshan Evam Kreeda Prasarak Mandal in Chikhaldara in Amravati. Deepak, her first adopted son also opened an NGO, “Mamta Bal Bhawan” in the name of his daughter, Mamta.

The children whom Sindhutai raised have now achieved success and some of them have become renowned lawyers and physicians. Some sponsored orphanages because they consider Sindhutai was the reason behind their success. In order to save aged cattle, she opened up a cattle shelter named Gopika Gai Rakshan Kendra.

Being an awardee of Mother Teresa Award in 2013 she gained huge popularity and respect in the people. She received a doctorate in literary works and won an award of “Mind of Steel” in 2010. A Marathi film was based on the life of Sindhutai which later went for nomination at the 54th London Film Festival Awards.

Hats off to her for her courage and bravery and she proved that humanity still exists. She set an example that if somebody wants to do something in life then nothing could stop them.

Image Source: Women News

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