Youngest Sarpanch of Haryana (India) Village is Feted by PM

This wonderful news comes to us from Haryana, India.
A leader is someone that everyone looks up to. A leader leads by example, with an ear close to the ground, solving problems and coming up with solutions where none exist on the apparent surface. Such a leader is Parveen Kaur, a 21 year old engineering student, in a village in Haryana. Such is her impact on the local community that it would not be wrong to say that changes are measured prior to her tenure and after her tenure.
Back in 2016, villagers of Kakrala Kuchia village, in the Kaithal district of Haryana, approached young Parveen , who was all of 21 years then, studying engineering. You might ask what they had to do with a young woman who was trying to make a living by studying engineering. Well, the villagers wanted Parveen Kaur to be their Sarpanch. Initially, Parveen was quite confused. Then she came to know that the post of Sarpanch for the next term was reserved for a female candidate provided that the candidate has received an education. Because there was no other woman in the village with an education, the villagers elected Parveen to the post unanimously without even her filing the nomination or even contesting.
Even though Parveen had moved to the city for her studies and works at a high-paying job, she had a very close connection with her village and could not refuse. In the process, she became the youngest Sarpanch in history. In the beginning, she was a bit skeptical about the whole thing because in a village of 1200 people, she had to be answerable to everyone and also work for their betterment. Her father who works as a contractor in the electricity department, played a key role in convincing her that she could do it, managing studies as well as duties to the village quite efficiently. Parveen set aside 2 days in the week where she studied and the remaining 5 days she would devote to the village betterment.
Immediately after taking charge, Parveen worked out what her village would need in terms of basic amenities. Thereafter she prioritized the list, marking some tasks to be done immediately and the rest in her tenure of 5 years. First, water coolers were installed everywhere. The villagers had to walk for 5 km everyday for their water, and to this end Parveen arranged for water coolers and pucca roads. In order to address the safety of women, solar lights and CCTV cameras were installed without delay.
Parveen also set up not one but four women committees that would discuss and address the problems faced by women in the village. She, very efficiently, identified the lacking resources of the village and actively filled those up. Parveen also set up a library in the village so that students would have a better chance at education. As of now, all the students in the village have learnt Sanskrit and are fluent in it.
For her incredible contribution to the betterment of her village, Parveen Kaur was feted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi back in 2017. While her term ends in 2021, she has already changed the face of her village and better things are also on the anvil before she completes her term.

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