Father daughter duo cover 2500 miles on a bicycle from China to Tibet

This wonderful news comes to us from China.

You must have heard several stories based on fathers and daughters and it is rightly said that a father’s love for his daughter knows no bounds. But sometimes a story is so special that it fills the reader with love and hope. Chinese man Tou Haobei loves his daughter so much that he went on to do the impossible only to see a smile on her face. Just like all fathers do, Tou also read stories to his daughter and it was only when she turned four that he decided to surprise her.

Four year old cutie Doudou is definitely lucky to have a father like Tou. He went on a bicycle trip from South China to Tibet and traveled 2500 miles carrying his lovely daughter in the cycle carrier to show her the actual world that exists outside books and fairytales. The father daughter duo covered a distance of around 2500 miles on the bicycle and it took 71 days to complete the journey.

Having started the trip from China’s Guangdong province, the duo ended their trip at Lhasa in Tibet after riding for 71 days. Doudou got to see forests, lakes, mountains and what not while enjoying the bicycle ride sitting comfortably in the carrier.

A video of the adorable daughter father duo surfaced on apps like TikTok and Weibo and in no time it got onto twitter. People immediately came up with blessings and showered them with love. Most of them called the little girl lucky to have a father like Tou. People also went on to declare him the father of the year.

It feels really good to hear about these heart touching incidents amidst the current scenario all over the world. Positivities like these help us forget everything about this pandemic for a few minutes. We so wish that the love between Tou and Doudou gets stronger day by day and who knows we get to hear something even sweeter in the days to come.

So, what do you think about this? Do you have something similar to share? If not, it is time to make your loved one feel special. Give it a thought!

Image Source: Twitter

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