Woman Guard’s Open Manhole During Rains, Saves Lives Of Hundreds

This wonderful news comes to us from Mumbai, India.

As we speak, Mumbai is facing the highest rainfall in decades and most parts of the city are inundated with rising water levels in both the city and its suburbs. On one such day, Kanta Murti, a 50-year-old pavement dweller, showed exemplary courage and character in order to save the lives of pedestrians and passengers from the torrential rains and the danger it presented in the Matunga suburb of Mumbai.

Kanta Murti is a very incisive person. When the Matunga suburb of Mumbai faced very heavy rains, she realized that the water levels were crossing the critical levels. Acting on her own, she managed to pry open a manhole cover on Tulsi Pipe Road located in Matunga West so that the raging waters of the flood could find an outlet, and the water levels could go down.

Kanta Murti, a pavement dweller of 50 years’ age, lost all her savings and dwelling to the cruel flood, but that did not dampen her spirits. She stood beside the open manhole for over 7 hours, warning motorists and pedestrians to give the manhole a clear berth. Her bravery was captured on camera and has gone viral on the social media channels, garnering praise from all quarters.

Kanta and other pavement dwellers had spent a sleepless night on August 3rd with the torrential rains beating down on them. As time passed, the water levels breached the safety levels, and by the following morning, the footpath was under 3 feet of water. There were a few motorbikes parked on the road but they had floated away in the face of the water currents. Kanta was concerned that the BMC would not arrive in time to drain the water, so she took the brave decision to open a manhole and stand guard over it to warn away the oncoming motorists.

Kanta shares that she sells flowers for a living and to support the education of her 3 children. She has 5 other children who are married and she happens to be the only earning member of the family, her husband is paralyzed and does not earn. Though Kanta Murti received a lot of praise for her brave act, officials from the BMC later also scolded her for opening the manhole. We think that a scolding does not matter given the selfless act of Kanta Murti.

Image Source: The Quint

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