Camel Walked For Almost 100 Kilometres For Seven Days To Meet His Former Owner

This wonderful news comes from Inner Mongolia.

We always give example on how animals are more loyal than human beings and if you do well to them they never forgets it and shows gratitude. A camel did prove the same when he was sold by his owners but he was missing his home so much that he took the roads and travelled almost 100 kilometres to meet his former owner.

The camel was sold to a herdsman in October, 2019 who was farming camel. However the camel couldn’t forget his former owner and his home even after eight months so he decided to start his journey towards home on June, 2019.

The camel started his walk of 100 kilometres, the walk was not easy he met lot of obstacles such as busy highways and sharp fences which made him cover in scars. The camel walked for seven days when a local herdsman spotted the camel who was injured and took him home while trying to find its owner. He somehow managed to contact the most recent owner, who then informed the former owner about the camel’s love for them; they decided to buy back the animal. They agreed on the deal of exchanging a three-year-old female camel for the homesick camel.

The owner had decided to keep the camel and not sell it to anyone, any further. They are going to let him live freely, the way he wants. The people were touched by camel’s loyalty and his pure heart.

Image Source: Daily Mail

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