Woman Police Officer Turns Into Guardian Angel

This wonderful news comes to us from Tiruchy in India.

During the lockdown days of the past few months, the police force has come in for a lot of criticism. However, one police officer, Jothimani has single handedly raised the moral of the force and changed the way that the public view government servants like her. Destitute and pavement dwellers in the city of Tiruchy look upon Jothimani as a guardian angel for reasons that go beyond the uniform.

Jothimani is posted with the Serious Crimes squad and she has transcended her official responsibilities to reach out a helping hand to the people who line the streets being destitute and homeless. These uncared for souls can be found all over the city of Tiruchy and Sundays to them mean a day without food or other succor, it being a lockdown day.

Since the month of June, Jothimani has made sure that everyone living on the streets has food, and she has distributed food to around 160-300 people every weekend. She says that on the weekdays these homeless people can manage by themselves because there are many kind hearted souls who come forward to help them. However, Sunday is a different story as there is silence on the streets to comply with the lockdown measures.

Jothimani says that she understood the problem and came forward with serving food to the needy and impoverished and as soon as a week had passed, she was struck by how thankful and happy these people were on receiving a free lunch. Encouraged by their response Jothimani decided to continue her good deed as long as the lockdown measures were in place.

This intrepid police officer reaches into her own pockets to fork out the cash needed to feed over 300 people every Sunday. She is dead serious about providing quality food and to ensure this, she eats a plate of the food before it is distributed on a large scale. Jothimani has taken permission from the Commissioner of Police and she makes her rounds of the city distributing the food packets to those who are hungry. Besides providing food, Jothimani also has supplied masks and water bottles to the poor of the city and is of the opinion that these homeless people need to be cared for and lodged in special homes so that their well-being is assured.

Image Source: New Indian Express

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