This Rakshabandhan, a Sister donated kidney to her brother and gifted him a new life

This wonderful news comes to us from India.

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in India with full enthusiasm and happiness. It signifies the brother’s solemn promises to safeguard their sisters. Irony is that in past one year, it is sisters who have taken a wonderful step to protect their brother’s lives. The festival is often referred as sister’s tying the rakhi and receives all the gifts from their brother and a promise of life long protection but we witnessed a sister who instead of taking a gift, gifted her brother with an organ and made the wish of life long protection come true.

Pratap Rawar, whose age is 30 got a kidney from his elder sister Saroj who is 41. Inspite of having married and had kids, she took the initiative to donate kidney to his younger brother and gifted him new life. Pratap kidney had failed in 2014. Since then, he was sustaining on dialysis. When the situation became critical, she without hesitating donated kidney to him. Luckily, her husband supported her.

Pratap exclaimed “From childhood, Saroj has had my back. Her donating me a kidney and saving my life made me indebted to her forever.” Director of Institute of kidney disease and Research Centre (IKRDC), Dr Mishra said “Women are frontrunners in organ donations for family members. Sisters willingly give their organs to their brothers to save their lives. There have been cases where women who were 25 have donated her kidney to save their brother’s lives.” Of the 13 sibling-to-sibling live kidney donor transplant carried out at the Institute of Kidney Disease and Research Centre, 12 donations were made by sisters to give a second lease of life to their brothers. Dr Mishra refers to various others cases as well in which sisters donated their kidney. The oldest sibling was Chetna Patel whose age was 56 donated kidney to her brother Anil Patel. Ajmeri Khatoon, age 25 donated kidney for her brother Ghulam Ansari, age 26 in 2019.

Others Doctors also appreciated the kind act of women. Dr Pranjal Modi, chief if Gujarat State Organ Tissue Transplant Organisation (SOTTO) said “Women are known to respond to crisis and do not shy away from giving part of themselves to save their husband, father and brother’s lives.”

Image Source: DNA India

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