Headload Worker Saves Toddler Bitten by Snake

This good news comes to us from Kasargod, India.

A headload worker in Kasargod came to the rescue of a toddler who got bitten by a viper snake even as neighbors of the little girl were hesitant to help. The girl’s family was under quarantine and that made it difficult for anybody to assist her, fear of the COVID-19 pandemic large on people’s minds. However, that did not stop Jinil Mathew from coming to her aid.

The girl, Josina Anna Jeevan is now out of danger, however she still tested positive for COVID-19. She, along with her father Jeevan Animoothil, his wife Nitha and two siblings had arrived in Panathur from Patna on the 16th of July and since then had been in home quarantine at their dwelling in Vattakayam. Josina’s parents were teachers at a private school in Patna.

On the night of July 21st, Josina got bit by a snake when she reached out with her hand through the bedroom window. Jeevan pushed the curtains aside on hearing his daughter crying and saw the snake coiled around the grille of the window. Jeevan got tense, but managed to tie a piece of cloth around his daughter’s arm and then he along with his wife started screaming, saying that a snake had bit their daughter.

On hearing their screams for help, many neighbors crowded around the house, but nobody came forward because the family was under quarantine and people feared catching the coronavirus. Then Jinil rushed in like a veritable angel. Jinil is the CPM’s Vattakayam branch secretary and lives just opposite to Jeevan’s house.

Jinil made a beeline for the room and killed the snake. Then he picked up the snake carcass in one hand and Josina in another arm and called for help on his mobile. Jeevan says that Jinil was not even wearing a shirt but was doing everything just like Superman. As Jinil reached the main road with Josina, an ambulance had arrived and was waiting for them.

Binu Kundupally, the ambulance driver is a friend of Jinil’s. Another friend of Jinil’s named Jomy got in the front seat of the ambulance as JInil donned a shirt and the three of them started towards the hospital. Josina’s parents had to stay back as they were under quarantine. Throughout the journey, Jinil kept laughing and talking to little Josina. This kept the little toddler distracted and calm even as she was bleeding from the bite. They arrived at the district hospital first but were asked to go to the MCH located at Pariyaram.

At the MCH, a doctor and two nurses, having been alerted earlier were waiting for Josina and she was wheeled into the ICU in less than 5 minutes. At Panathur, two youths commandeered a car and ferried the anxious parents to the MCH, at a risk to their health. As of now, Jeevan is under quarantine at his house while Nita is with her daughter at MCH. Jinil and Jomon are serving time under quarantine at a school in the neighborhood.

The State Secretary for CPM, Kodiyeri Balakrishnan gave high praise to Jinil and commended him for his selfless act, saying that Jinil had upheld humanity.

Image Source: On Manorama

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