All Girls Robotic Team From Afghanistan Develops Low Cost Ventilator To Help People Fight Coronavirus

This wonderful news comes from Afghanistan.

A team of young girls made a marvellous contribution in the science by developing a low cost ventilator. They began making the ventilator in March after seeing the shortage of it and how some needy people were not able to afford it. They thought of making it available to the people in the most reasonable cost. The ventilator is also light weight as compare to regular ventilators and will soon be seen in hospitals after getting the required approvals.

The team captain Somya Faruqi with her other 6 school friends noticed that her country only has 800 ventilators with thousands of people affected by coronavirus. The girl group did their research and developed a machine that can run on battery power for 10 hours and costs about $700 to produce – significantly less than the $20,000 price tag of a traditional ventilator.

The robotics team first developed the prototype and want to get approvals as they believe in their machine and the mechanization of the ventilator and has high hopes that it could be replicated and would be mass-produced which would cut down the cost. The prototype is mainly developed by the parts of Toyota Corolla car, like windshield wiper motors.

Image Source: Deccan Herald

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