A Little Act Of Kindness By A Woman Touched Many Hearts And Went Viral

This wonderful news comes to us from India.

 A woman who was seen wearing a mask and dressed in a saree was standing near a blind man. She came from a small town in Kerala called Thiruvalla. She knew that blind man will find it difficult to board himself on a bus. So, she took the initiative of helping him. She stopped the bus by running behind. And then she took his hand and let himself board on that bus. She ensures that he entered into bus safely.

In the times of the pandemic where people are maintaining social distancing in order to save themselves from Coronavirus. She didn’t think for a minute about her health and instead she helped the man by holding his hand.

The 41 second video clip was recorded by the man named Joshua. Little did she know that her good deed was being noticed. The video and photos got viral and it clearly states that kindness and humbleness doesn’t cost a penny. All the social media platforms went viral with thousand likes and wonderful tweets. One person tweeted ‘We need more person like her to make this World a better place.’ One more tweeted ‘One act of random kindness creates a ripple effect’.

Image Source: Twitter/ Vijayakumar IPS

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