Group in Mysore gives dignified farewell to COVID victims

This uplifting news comes to us from Mysore, India.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused quite a stir amongst people where poor knowledge of the virus and its modes of transmission have resulted in indifferent response to the victims of the virus. Poor handling of COVID corpses has been a trademark of this pandemic as the common people are quite scared to dispose of the bodies of pandemic victims in the regular way.

At a time when callous and insensitive handling of COVID-19 victims’ bodies has been the norm, a group of people acting as Good Samaritans in Mysore have formed themselves into a team so that they can ensure that there is a dignified cremation or burial for the unfortunate COVID-19 victims.

The team in question is from the Muslim community who has stepped up to the plate to make sure that there is a proper and safe burial for victims of all faiths and from all communities. This team was formed after there was widespread news of rampant bad handling of COVID casualties as the fatalities shot up. This team has 20 volunteers equipped with two ambulances, PPE kits and also a helpline number that people in Mysore can dial in the case of a casualty from the virus.

Syed Hasratulla Khan is a corporator in Mysore and he says that this group was formed after discussions with Ayub Khan, who is the former city mayor of Mysore. Some days ago, this team was instrumental in performing the last rites of a COVID_19 victim, at a graveyard near Tipu Circle. The graveyard has a separate section earmarked for this special purpose and there is also a designated entrance to the graveyard for Corona victims.

There are three areas that have been earmarked for cremation and burial and this includes one area in Vijayanagara where last rites will be held according to the wishes and the sentiments of the families of the victims. Khan further says that there has been a proposal for earmarking a site to bury bodies of the COVID_19 victims and also that there will be a dedicated ambulance for this purpose.

At a time when common folk are shunning the last rites of COVID_19 victims, groups like these coming forward to perform the last rites and ablutions are really a Godsend. We need more groups like these all over the country so that there can be safe and dignified cremation and burial of the hapless victims of a virus that just refuses to go away.

Image Source: New Indian Express

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