Delhi Cop Helps Stranded Woman At Night

This wonderful news comes to us from Delhi, India.

An MNC executive working in Gurugram was left stranded on the road after her car broke down. The problem occurred near Ramlila Maidan in Central Delhi a few days back. Lucky for her, she was helped by a Delhi Police personnel who came to her rescue and managed to fix her car.

Shraddha, an executive working for an MNC was alone at 9pm on an empty stretch of road. Even as she tried to flag down passing vehicles, none came to her rescue. At this time, constable Mahesh happened to be patrolling the area. He noticed Shraddha trying to push the car herself. She explained that she had come to meet a friend and was on her way back to her home in Gurugram.

Mahesh inspected the car carefully and rightly suspected that the battery had run out of charge. He offered to book a cab for Shraddha and have the car towed to the police station. However, Shraddha did not want to leave the car behind as she had to report for work the next day. Hence she requested if Mahesh could arrange for a mechanic.

Mahesh tried contacting motor parts dealers in the Jama Masjid area but none were available. He took the battery out of the car and rode to the market nearby but all shops were closed by then. One of Mahesh’s colleagues then managed to procure the number of a local mechanic from one of the dealers.

Mahesh displayed great presence of mind by calling a lady constable to take care of Shraddha, asking her to wait in the car while he took the battery to the mechanic for repairs. The mechanic was brought to the spot and he managed to repair the car by midnight. After this, Shraddha returned home.

Shraddha later sent a commendation message to the SHO. Consequently, Mahesh’s efforts have won him accolades from the top brass of the police department.

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