79-year-old grocery store bagger finds solace by uploading YouTube videos after losing job

This good news come to us from Mexico, North America

The pandemic has led to a serious financial crisis all around the world and millions of people have lost their jobs. Several nations have also imposed restrictions on elderly people thus keeping them glued to their homes.

The lockdown and quarantine scenario also turned out to be sour for this grandpa Carlos Elizondo who lost his grocery store bagger job. He had been working as a bagger since seven years in a grocery store housed in Monterrey, Mexico. When the government set out rules for the senior citizens, it broke his heart because he became jobless.

The 79-year-old Elizondo couldn’t just digest the fact that he would have to live at home doing nothing. He made up his mind and started cooking Mexican delicacies. Not only this, he also got it recorded and his younger daughter Veronica set up his YouTube channel by the name Tito Charly and started posting his videos on the channel. He uploaded his first cooking video on May 25th and he was both amazed as well as happy to have around 47000 subscribers to his channel in just 2 weeks.

He also took advantage of his channel and started promoting artisanal dried meat, chorizo and cheese from his own brand. Elizondo is an extremely positive man with great capabilities and it is evident from his passion to keep working even at this age. “I have always been positive, I like to see ahead, there are no impossible, there is always a way.” he said.

People like Elizondo are an inspiration for the ones who lose hope. All those who lost their jobs should take a stand like this cute grandpa. Instead of crying and blaming the situation for your loss of job, why not try something new? Just like many nations have adopted the pandemic scenario and started living life as a new normal, it is time we think about it and give life another chance.

Elizondo could have gotten depressed after losing his job but he thought about this new idea and his life has taken a new dimension. We can all do this instead of blaming the current scenario for messing up our lives.

Image Source: We Are Mitu

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