Japan’s evening sky lit up with fire-crackers to fill people with hope

This wonderful news come to us from Japan.

It is not just the economic stability that has been disrupted in countries all around the world but people are also losing hope. The hope for a better tomorrow, the hope for a normal living, the hope for good days ahead; everything seems blurry now.

Amidst all this, Japan lifted the lockdown on May 25th and advised its citizen to start life with new norms and full precautions. In order to fill people with hope and given them strength, the nation decided to light up the evening sky with crackers and make people smile for little while.

Organised in all the 47 prefectures in Japan, the project namely ‘Cheer up! Hanabi’ was helmed by 140 companies. The pyrotechnicians chalked out plans to light up the sky with colourful crackers that would bring a smile on the faces of people. The authorities also decided to keep the event secret in order to avoid mass gatherings at public places. It was a last minute announcement wherein people were told about the cracker show that lasted for 5 minutes.

Keeping in mind the seniors and the discomfort that they could have faced due to the sudden show, the details were released by the media only few minutes before it actually started. There were also messages that prayed for the pandemic to end attached to some fireworks.

Japan has had such shows even years back during the spread of plague wherein the show was conducted as a prayer to God for the eradication of the deadly plague and also for the deceased souls to rest in peace.

Twitter was flooded with images and videos of the display captured by people either from their homes or from places on the streets.

Image Source: Kyodo News

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