Amazing lockdown invention: Shoemaker designed long nose shoes to help in social distancing

This happy news come to us from Romania.

The world is still under the covid 19 threat but several nations have started relaxing the lockdown severity. Romanian government has also eased certain lockdown norms and with this people have started moving out of their homes.

A shoemaker in the nation namely Grigore Lup hailing from the city of Cluj went into the market area to buy some seedlings for his garden when he noticed that the norms of social distancing weren’t being followed by the people. Even when there weren’t lot many people in the market, the ones who were present all came close together. This really disturbed Lup a lot.

He immediately thought about coming up with an idea to keep people apart at any cost. Lup has been in the shoemaking business since the last 39 years and he thought about using his skill for the good. He designed long nose shoes that had a protruded part in the front so that if two people conversing with each other come face to face they would at least maintain a distance of 1.5 meters between them.

Coming in European size 75, these shoes require around a square meter of leather and it takes Lup two days to make them. Selling at around 500 lei ($115), Lup has already received orders for 5 such pairs.

He set up his store in the year 2011 and he got his orders mostly from operas, theatres etc. His shoe business suffered a major setback because of the pandemic cancelling all shows. Lup however didn’t lose hope and he knew someday the business will grow back to its original form. He learnt the shoemaking skill from a cobbler (currently aged 92) when he was just 16. Aged 55 today, Lup is still into the business and we are so grateful for his lovely creation.

It feels good to see people accepting their lives with the existence of the pandemic because we cannot really stay locked up for a long time. The sooner we start living amidst the scenario, the better it is! We obviously are praying that the virus gets eradicated completely but even if it doesn’t the challenge right now is to live life with precautions. Aren’t you waiting to know about the next lockdown invention? Stay connected!

Image Source: Yahoo

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