Meet 90 years old Gamer Grandma: The oldest YouTube gamer

This wonderful news come to us from Japan

At the age of 90, we usually see old people just living life on basics. They tend to have light meals and spend their time sleeping, praying or resting. There are hardly few people who are active in their old age but you have got to know about this 90 years old woman popularly known by the name ‘Gamer Grandma’.

She is active enough to put young people to shame. Hamako Mori is an active YouTube gamer and she has around 250000 subscribers to her account. Mori started taking interest in games some 39 years back but that time she was not into action games because she had a notion that those would be tough to play. She now enjoys playing action games too and she feels that she has made the right choice in life. Now that she has come a long way in life, she smiles back at all these beautiful years she spent playing games.

Spending around 7 to 8 hours each day playing games, Mori said that she used to spend more time in the earlier days. She feels bad about not being able to convince many seniors into this arena.

Mori also admitted that in the beginning, she was not good at playing and she felt it is really tough to continue when you don’t come out successful. But she didn’t give up and now when she ends the game smoothly, it makes her feel good.

Guinness book of world records released a video of this wonderful lady and it brought her fame and attention. Mori was showered with love and respect after the video got released. The internet went crazy on seeing her zeal and charisma at this age. People also commented about how lucky her grandchildren would be.

With a charming personality and intelligent frame of mind, Mori is absolutely flawless at playing games. Considering her age, she is an inspiration for all the people who think that old people should only rest. The world is a big place and there’s always something for everyone. While Mori found her interest in gaming, there might be something else waiting for your grand parents. It is time you encourage them to do something that would make them feel good and refreshed.

Image Source: Indian Express

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