This couple transformed their newly opened eatery into a community kitchen in Wembley

This wonderful news come to us from Wembley, England

The pandemic is seriously affecting the world economy and people are suffering setbacks as well as losses in businesses. There are also people around the world who must have set up their new business in the past recent months and what would be their mental state!

A Gujarati couple in Wembley, UK were so excited on opening a new eatery earlier in the month of February. Who knew back then that the world would get so badly affected by the virus. The couple namely Chintan Pandya and his wife Mona had to shut down their eatery soon after its opening. It definitely broke their heart but the couple decided not to just sit back and wait for the situation to get back to normal. They went on to transform their eatery ‘Desi Dhaba’ into a community kitchen in order to serve the NHS workers and other needy people in their community.

The chef and staff of the eatery also came forward to help the couple in this noble deed. Around 40 other volunteers also joined hands with the couple and together they have been distributing packets of Indian food to the needy.

Chintan said that when the government issued orders to shutdown eateries in UK, he and his wife instantly made up their minds to serve the NHS workers. Mona is attached with NHS and the couple also have family members who are doctors, NHS workers and also nurses. They wanted to serve the NHS workers like a family.

Chintan is elated to receive positive and warm response from Indians and people from his community residing in the UK. Around 48000 meal packages have been distributed by the eatery all across London. The couple also assured that they have been following all the guidelines and safety protocols because they are mostly serving the elderlies.

They are also aware of other people serving the needy and they appreciate each one working for the betterment of the society. Chintan opines that with such brotherhood and cooperation, we can definitely fight the pandemic. Well, the world is hoping for good days to return as soon as possible and any bit of help from each individual will definitely make a difference. It is time we pray for a beautiful tomorrow and hope for the best.

Image Source: Times Of India

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