Teenage girl brought her father back home in a bicycle covering 1200 kms

This inspiring news come to us from Patna, India

Hailing from district Darbhanga in Patna, Bihar, a fifteen-year-old girl proved the saying ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way’ absolutely true. The brave girl namely Jyoti Kumari stood as a strong pillar when her father got stuck in Gurugram due to the lockdown. Being jobless, he had lost all hopes but his lioness daughter assured him to get him back home safe and sound.

Jyoti decided to ride a bicycle all the way from Gurugram to Patna and she told her father to sit on the rear seat. After praying to God to give her strength, the daughter father duo set out on the journey. Jyoti said that it was his father’s utmost belief in her that gave her the required determination and courage.

It took them seven days to reach their destination and according to Jyoti’s calculation they roughly covered 100 to 150 kms per day. Whenever she felt tired and heavy, she took a short break to splash water on her face and offered biscuits along with water to her father. When the tiredness grew too much, she used to rest for some time.

The journey was obviously very tough but somehow the duo reached their destination successfully. Jyoti also had to go hungry for 2 consecutive days but she fed her father by giving him whatever little eatables she was carrying. They were also noticed by few people who out of pity offered them food. It was painful for the people on the way to see a little girl riding a bicycle with her old father sitting on the rear seat.

They have been self-isolating after reaching home but the courageous story of this little girl is being praised by one and all. Dr Tyagarajan SM, the DM of Darbhanga has also reportedly offered to help the family. Jyoti is also being referred to as ‘Shravan Kumari’ and has been honored by a local organization.

Her father is a lucky man and his preaching and upbringing are showing very well in Jyoti’s persona. A girl with a brave heart and rigid determination, Jyoti is the daughter every father deserves. It feels so good to hear about the true heroes in our nation. They seem like the silver lining amidst the really tough times.

Image Credits: New India Express

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