Jodhpur mom named her daughter after DCP who helped her in child birth

This happy news come to us from Jodhpur, India

We had told you about this woman namely Nainu Kanwar who was crying out loud in labour when her car broke down near a police barricade in Jodhpur. The DCP on duty Preeti Singh came forward to help the woman and arranged for her delivery inside the van itself.

The police team also immediately shifted the newborn and the mother to a nearby hospital and waited with the family members until the doctors gave an assurance of good health of both the mom as well as the child. Now that Nainu is all good and discharged, she is not just enjoying motherhood but she was feeling extremely grateful for what Preeti did for her. She was so touched and moved by the incident that she ended up naming her daughter ‘Preeti Singh’.

The Kanwar family has a strong feeling that their newborn princess would also grow up to be brave and she will definitely achieve success just like DCP Preeti Singh. The entire family has been thanking the police team who helped them during the time of utmost need.

Nainu also said that she was in extreme pain that day but she clearly remembers that her brother was shouting for help when DCP Preeti Singh came forward and ordered her team to make the necessary arrangements. The DCP also told Nainu not to worry.

When asked about her say on this, Preeti Singh told, “What should I say? I feel humbled with this gesture of this family. My blessings are always for the little girl.”

The lockdown period is hitting us hard but we are definitely learning about several heroes across our nation.

Image Credits: Times Of India

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