Newly opened restaurant in Sweden serves only one person at a time

This happy news come to us from Sweden, Europe

People have definitely started craving for restaurant food amidst lockdown. This phase is tough for us humans but we have to keep the hope alive. With positive thinking and a different approach a couple in Sweden came up with a wonderful idea.

Chef Rasmus Person along with his partner Linda Karlsson decided to open up this restaurant that can possibly be called the smallest restaurant in the world. Serving just one customer per day, the restaurant offers the loneliest dining experience where the guest can enjoy the serene ambiance around him/her.

Keeping social distancing in mind and taking the concept very far, this couple has set up a single table and a single chair between a beautiful field. Chef Rasmus cooks a delicious three course meal for a single visitor and the food is served by Linda with the help of a rope system set up artistically.

The restaurant namely ‘Bord For En’ meaning table for one is set up in Ranseter, a small town in Sweden. The guest is lucky enough to spend loads of time in the lap of nature. With lip smacking food and drink, the guest can enjoy the pleasant experience of dining amidst nature.

Rasmus opines that people are also craving to travel right now and if we can’t do that physically, this restaurant and its unique ambiance definitely lets visitors travel somewhere far in their mind. The few hours of tranquility is enough for a frustrated mind to get back on track. When food and nature come hand in hand, any person can have the best time of his/her life. Initiatives like these are really helpful during the period we are going through currently.

Image Source: The National

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